Partner Community Guidelines

We are the Wix Partners and this is our community. We’re a group of driven and dynamic people who constantly push the limits of the ever-changing Wix platform. We use our collective talents, expertise and creativity to meet our clients’ needs and help them achieve their goals. 


This is a supportive, inspiring and safe space for all of us while we build our businesses with Wix.

Here is everything you need to know:

Forum Rules & Etiquette 

1. Have fun!

  • We're here to grow professionally, but this is also a place to relax, have fun and be amongst friends.

2. Be respectful.


  • We may have different viewpoints and skill sets — and that’s okay! We can all learn from a healthy disagreement but we must  always be respectful of one another.​

3. Do not share any sensitive information regarding clients or anyone else.


  • This includes Names, phone numbers and email addresses. You’re welcome to share your experiences working with clients,  their identity must remain 100% anonymous.

4. No profanity or age restricted material.


  • We want everyone to feel comfortable, please keep it G-Rated.

5. No solicitation.

  • Anyone who solicits in the Wix Partner Forum will be subject to immediate removal.

​Here’s what you should know:

  • Collaborate! Have a project that you need help completing? You can always reach out to the community to see if a Wix Partner is available. 


  • Share links to any websites you’ve created, websites you find relevant, interesting articles or inspiration.

  • Don’t request email addresses, phone numbers, sign ups, Facebook Likes or Follows.

  • Don’t post jobs. This is not a jobs board.

Here’s an example of a do:

  • “Hey, is anyone good at logo design? I need to create a logo for my client but I’m not great at that.”

Here’s an example of a don’t:

  • “I’m starting a new company, and I’d like to hire a bunch of Wix Partners. Email me here if you’re interested.”

6. Do not share leads you receive from the Wix Marketplace.

  • While we encourage collaboration, leads from the Wix Arena are a bit different. This is because more than one Wix Partner may receive the same lead. 

7. This is not a Wix Support group.

  • If you need any help, please go to your Wix dashboard and contact support or click here.


8. Wix Partners can only @mention other Wix Partners or moderators.


  • Moderators will tag Wix employees when it is relevant.

Important Info About Your Community Profile

  • Profiles should adhere to the Etiquette and Rules. 

  • Profile pictures should adhere to the Etiquette and Rules.

  • Profile pictures should not contain nudity.

  • Do not use profiles pictures created by other designers without permission.

​Changes in Policy

  • As new situations arise, we may find it necessary to alter or expand upon the policies stated here with little or no notification and any such changes may be enforced in full against previously existing submissions or behavior.


Here is how you can engage effectively within the community.

When discussing Wix products, use hashtags within the post or discussion.

  • Example: #WixStores #WixMarketPlace #WixEditor #WixBookings #WixChat 

When asking for a feature request, tag the product and then feature request.

  • Example: #WixStores #FeatureRequest

Showing a site and wanting feedback? Tag it!

  • Example: #Feedback

Get Involved

The Partner Community Blog is a space where members of our community share their journey and expertise!


  • Partner Insights: Get industry leading insights from the members inside the Partner Community.

  • Behind the Design: Read a personal story about a partner's journey towards success.

  • Partner Pulse: Every week the Wix Community Team posts summaries of past events and valuable community-based conversations.


Love Wix Products? Have some feedback? WE WANT TO HEAR IT! 


  • Product Betas: Wix loves to give early access to our partners! You can access these from your partner dashboard and jump into the discussion in the beta section of the partner forum. (Don't see the partner dashboard in your account when signed into Wix? Contact

  • Round Tables: Want to meet the developers behind your favorite product? We invite you to take your seat at the round table to hear first hand new features that Wix has been cooking up! These are live streamed via the Community YouTube Channel and can be found in the events section of the Partner Community Site.

  • Mind Melds: These are small focus groups led by product managers at Wix. These are not live streamed and can be found in the events section of the Partner Community Site.

  • Feature Request: Have a feature request you'd like share with Wix? Make a new post in the forum, but be sure to use #featurerequest and #Wix[productname] so our Product Managers can find it!


Community Events

Meetups, webinars, events - OH MY! If you love them as much as we do, you can easily browse the most recent events in the events section of the Partner Community Site.


  • Community Meetups:  Our community loves hosting meetups and workshops in their local cities.

  • Webinars: Partners LOVE to share their knowledge through webinars. 

  • Be a Host: Interested in hosting a meetup or webinar? Sign up here!


Stay Connected

Download the Wix App (Apple) (Android) and add the site so you can have the power of the community in the palm of your hands! Already have the app?


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