Host a meetup near you

Meetups and workshops are hosted by Wix Partners around the world. Share your knowledge and expertise with others by hosting your own.


Share your experience

Share your professional experience and personal success story. Inspire and empower others as they grow their online business.


Be part of something big

Collaborate with other Wix Partners using your combined experience to create meaningful and engaging events.


Grow your network

Establish yourself as a local influencer. Make a name for your company, strengthen your network and gather leads.

How to get started 


Choose a topic for your meetup

Decide on a topic that will work for you and bring your audience the most value. Schedule a call with a Community Manager to kick things off.


Fill out an application form

Answer a few questions about the meetup you want to host, by filling out this application form. Once submitted, a community leader will reach out and help you get started.


Collaborate with local Partners

Join the Wix Partner Forum and create a post about your meetup topic. Team up with other local Wix Partners to share your combined knowledge and skills. Together, you can create a more impactful experience.


Invite guest speakers

Host speakers who can contribute to the event topic and inspire your community. They can be from any kind of industry or profession that has to do with growing an online presence.


Create the agenda

Decide when and where your meetup will take place and plan out your main talking points.


Promote your meetup

Share your meetup on all your social channels. Try to attract as many people from your local community to the event.

Use your expertise.
Empower your community.

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