6 Ways to Create a Responsive Mobile Version of Your Wix Website

As professional web developers and designers, we all know the importance of our website's mobile version as active leads can arrive from mobile devices. Therefore, it's essential to keep our mobile websites responsive and professional, just as we would with our desktop versions. Wix is an excellent platform because it gives the best tools to create an advanced desktop version of any website and the automated mobile version. The only thing you need to know is a few tricks to make your website stand out and look professional.

As a certified Wix Partner, I'd trust Wix with an automatic mobile version. Still, there are a few things worth checking before you decide to publish the site. Below, are six of tips I recommend to create a more responsive mobile version of your Wix site.

1) Costumize your mobile site manually

You don't need to be a professional UI UX designer. The golden rule is to manually check each mobile page and fix all the small details that will bother potential reviews. For example, a cropped logo or a paragraph's extended size will make a huge difference and ruin the User Experience.

Each time you finish a page on the desktop, go to the mobile version. Check the order of strips and make sure it aligns with your elements. When it comes to fonts, adjust their size. With photos, double-check images that can be cropped on mobile automatically and preview them from your mobile or smartphone.

A trick I use is to check the mobile version of the site by using the INSPECT tool. This tool shows me various screen and resolution sizes, allowing me to see which elements need some adjustments.

2) Hide unneeded elements

I love Wix's smart function on mobile called "hide," which lets you remove certain unnecessary elements from mobile without deleting them entirely. For example, your site's desktop version includes social media icons that repeat themselves 2-3 times. It's Not necessary on mobile. There's a unique feature for contact details and social media; thus, you can "hide" those elements and see how it works. Suppose you don't like how a change you made turned out. In that case, you can revert the component, allowing it to return to its original location.

Many Wix users prefer not to "hide" all the website's features, fearing that a potential customer won't be interested in their services. This is not a great idea, and it's ok to hide some features on mobile that don't belong there. The Mobile version has to be minimal and straightforward since it cannot include all the desktop elements. I suggest using "hide" without any fear. It's a great feature!

3) Be creative in small details

One of my favorite Wix mobile features is the Welcome screen, which lets you play with a logo or an image and add alight animation. This feature is entirely automated and adds creativity and curiosity to your website. Say hi to your potential clients on your Partner portfolio or suggest creative adieu to your clients on their website. It's enjoyable and easy to do.

4) Give it space

You can improve legibility by increasing line height or letter spacing. Ample white space can make the most confusing interfaces look attractive and straightforward. Many people prefer to squeeze the design elements altogether to provide as much information as possible. This may not be the best approach since you need to provide the information in a clear space. Give your elements space on mobile, and don't worry about scroll time. A professional and creative website will make people stop and check it in any case.

5) Make it readable

Always remember to use the correct font size as the text must be legible. The first rule of mobile devices, the text size must be at least 11 to be read at an average distance without magnification. What seems to happen on Wix mobile at times is that texts are automatically resized and look too big or small on screen. It's very simple to fix since there are general sizes for mobile paragraphs (12 - 16) and titles (18 - 25).

Compared to desktops, smartphones have relatively small screens, which means that one of the challenges in mobile design is to fit a lot of information into a small UI. You might want to condense everything in an attempt to provide as much information as possible. But this is not worth doing.

6) Add a call to action

One super usable function on Wix mobile is the Quick Action Bar. First and foremost, it's visible and creates a clear call to action. It's easy to navigate; it's super simple to add your contact details and offers a clean, modern look. You don't need to worry about how the viewers will find your details because the contact icons stay on each page. Just don't forget to link your social media account and contact info. Everything else is automated and set up for you.

Thank you all for stopping by! I hope my tips for correcting and fixing a mobile version of your website on Wix can help you as much as they've helped me through the years. If you have tips of your own that you'd like to share, leave them in the comments section below.

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