Community Grab Bag: Get Feedback, Custom Branding, and more!

Let's dive into this week's most popular questions asked by YOU, answered by the community.

How can I share a website that I’m working on without the Wix ‘free site’ banner showing at the top?

How can I be notified of Wix sales if I have Custom Branding enabled?

  • You will receive notifications of these sales by email.

What are Usability Labs and how can I join them?

  • Usability labs are 1:1 sessions where you get to try a brand new feature or product that is in Alpha. You will have the opportunity to share your feedback on how to make the product or feature even better before it’s released. Look out for announcements in the community for upcoming labs.

Can I add a ‘related products’ or ‘suggested products’ in Wix Stores?

How can I create a shared Wix Photo gallery?

  • If you’ve ever wanted to create a visual community or space where your site members can like and share their photos, videos, and GIFs, now is your chance! Check out this newly released feature.

That's a wrap! Want to be featured in the next grab bag? Comment below.

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