Community Grab Bag: Offline payments, invoices, and more!

It's been quite a week! If your weekend plans include cancelling all of your plans to stay in and build with Editor X, you're not the only one! We have a lot of exciting things coming up - including two product discussions.

Let's dive into this week's most popular questions asked by YOU, answered by Wix.

What's the difference between a manual payment and an offline payment in Wix Stores?

  • There isn't one! Both let you have total control over how you want to process a payment after a purchase has been completed in Wix Stores. You can read more about how to accept payments here.

Can I send an invoice to more than one person?

  • The Wix Invoices team thought this was a really interesting question! There are a lot of exciting updates coming to Wix Invoices. Don't forget to RSVP to the upcoming MindMeld with the Wix Invoices team.

Can site members be sorted into groups (be assigned a label) automatically?

  • The Wix CRM team loves this suggestion and is looking for more information on how you can use this feature. Comment below letting them know how this feature could work for you! There may even be a MindMeld scheduled around contacts and CRM if you ask nicely. 👀

When I export invoices (save to PDF), will the product description from Wix Stores also export?

  • Yes! We recently were experiencing an issue where this may not have happened, but it's resolved! Let us know if you are still experiencing an issue with this and we'll get you sorted. :)

I'm SO excited to use Editor X! Can I use it to design all of my projects? Is it fully functional even though it's in beta? How can I learn MORE??

  • YES! Editor X is a fully functional creation platform - fire away; you are in good hands to put as many sites as you want into production. Editor X utilizes the well known and trusted Wix applications (blog, etc). Don't forget to check out the Editor X academy for the latest tutorials! Make sure to show us what you build!

I use Wix Payments a lot, how can I connect with the Wix Payments team to share my experience and wishlist?

  • You're in luck! We're scheduling 1:1 feedback sessions with the one and only Wix Payments team. Spots are limited so RSVP here.

That's a wrap!

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