Community Grab Bag: Wix Hotels, Wix Paid Plans, and more!

Let's dive into this week's most popular questions asked by YOU, answered by Wix.

Is it possible to connect quotes and invoices sent through Wix Ascend so that they show up on member pages so members can see their purchase history?

  • Not currently, but the product team was very excited to hear this suggestion and they will take it into consideration!

How can I enable mobile menus on Wix site pages that do not have headers and footers?

  • We checked in with the product team and they were happy to let us know that soon you will have the option to set page layouts on mobile :)

How can I set my Wix Stores to pick-up only?

  • The Wix Stores product team let us in on the secret: We actually have an option for "store pick up only" (which is different than "allow store pickup"). If you select this option, you can define your products as physical items, and your buyers will not be required to enter a shipping address at checkout.

How can I have someone accept 'Terms and Conditions' prior to purchasing a Wix Paid Plan?

  • You now have the option of adding a policy to your paid plans during the checkout process. For a more traditional approach to Terms and Conditions, you can vote for this feature request here.

What new features are on the roadmap for Wix Hotels?

  • Earlier this week, the product manager weighed in the upcoming updates for Hotels, stating: "I want to share that we are currently forming our plan for this product with the goal of making it in the highest standards and requirements to allow you to build high-quality websites for your hoteliers' users." Stay tuned!

That's a wrap!

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