Community Grab Bag: Editor X Edition

Welcome to a very special Grab Bag. This week we'll be focusing on Editor X questions! If you haven't already, check out the official Editor X feedback post, where you can leave your feedback and post your creations. Without further ado, let's dive into this week's most popular questions asked by YOU, answered by the Editor X Product team!

How can I add a strip in Editor X?

  • Editor X does not use strips, it uses sections instead. If you want to add an image to the background you can drop it inside and click the stretch icon on the top right.

How can I reorder my menu in Editor X?

  • In Editor X you can create and manage multiple menus on your site. Add as many menus as you want from the Add panel and customize them individually. To learn more, click here.

In Editor X, how can I pin the header to the top of the page?

  • For a fixed position header (or a 'pinned' header), you will have to detach it from its master (right-click on the header, then select "detach from masters"). Then you'll have the option to set it as 'fixed position'.

How can I hide certain elements (such as a custom menu) on mobile, once they reach a breakpoint in Editor X?

  • You can hide your custom menus on mobile by right-clicking on each of them and selecting "don't display" - this will hide them from the current breakpoint you're on. You can always display them again from the layers panel.

Where is the place to report technical feedback for Editor X?

  • Feel free to share your experience and any bugs you may encounter with Editor X by using the widgets under Help & Feedback in the Editor. All submissions go to straight to the Product team and we always follow up :)

Can Editor X be used on existing sites (sites built with the Classic Editor)?

  • No - Editor X is a different editor.

Where can I go to learn more about breakpoints, the layouter, or other Editor X features?

  • Check out Academy X - your destination for Editor X related lessons where you can learn about breakpoints, the layouter, and much, much more. New lessons will be added soon :)

How can I create a slideshow effect in Editor X?

  • You can use the Layouter which has an option to have multiple items with manual horizontal scroll.

How do you make a section shrink in height in Editor X?

  • If you want the height of the section to decrease as the width decreases then you should change the height value to “vw” (viewport width). Keep in mind that you might need to adjust the minimum height as well.

That's a wrap! Comment below for your chance to be featured on the next Community Grab Bag!

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