Community Grab Bag: Wix Bookings, Wix Marketplace, and more!

If three Round Tables in one week wasn't enough for you, here is more product goodness directly from the Wix team. Let's dive into this week's questions from YOU, answered by Wix.

When will courses will be available for Wix Bookings?

We checked in with the product manager who gave us great news: this feature will be available in the coming weeks! Stay tuned :)

How can I manage my Wix Restaurants online orders on mobile?

You can now manage your online orders through the Wix app. Learn more here.

How can I get clients to submit reviews in the Wix Arena once I've completed a project?

Lucky you - we just answered this in a Round Table with the Arena team. This Round Table is also full of great tips and Arena updates! Check it out here.

Which Ascend plan do I need in order to assign tasks to other contributors?

You will need either an Ascend Professional or Ascend Unlimited plan.

Can I have two sets of keywords for SEO optimization on multilingual sites?

Yes - you can definitely customize your SEO settings on each page to attract the right audience in any language.

When requiring a deposit in Wix Bookings, how can I collect the rest of the payment?

When requiring a deposit in Wix Bookings, you will need to collect the remaining payment offline.

That's a wrap! Comment below for a chance to have your question featured in our next grab bag!


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