Do What You Love and Do It at Your Best! My Venture Into Web Design and Why I Chose Wix

Hi, my name is Olya Black, I am the Founder of the WIX PRO agency, and I am from beautiful Australia. I have been creating websites with the WIX platform since 2012, and today, we have more than 300 projects completed in various industries from all over the world. On top of the many completed projects, we got a few professional awards and lots of success stories from our clients.

Looking back, I realize that going on a whim and finding my calling in marketing and design was not luck; it was my calling. That, my thrive to succeed, and my ability to say "yes" to any opportunities is what has helped me get to where I am today.

I remember being four years old and my grandpa asking me if I could read. Inadvertently, I said "yes," even though I couldn't read at all. I then had to prove myself, so my goal was to learn to read as fast as possible. Although challenging, I practiced daily, and a few months later, I was reading books on my own. Impressive, huh?! Fast forward a few years from then, and I found myself in a similar situation. This time though, someone asked, "can you make a website?"

Guess what I said?


When I was six, my dad introduced me to my first PC, which completely blew my mind. My interest in images, color, and patterns turned into a hobby for design and the unlimited grasp for imagination using technology. At 7, I created posters in Microsoft Paint and loved how imagery and words could create something new and meaningful.

It's important to note that I never studied design or web development. Instead, I decided that marketing was the career path I wanted to follow when it came to my education. With two degrees in marketing, I had a chance to work and manage marketing departments in different sectors, cities, and countries. This path would change after I saw an ad for a website builder named WIX.I was eager to try it as I was looking to test the waters with a platform that would put me in creative and technical control.. As I played around with WIX, many things stood out, but the freedom for creativity is what truly amazed me. How amazed was I with the platform? So amazed that I dare to say WIX was my third university as it's where I finally started learning web design.

The path wasn't always easy. I started with doubts, and I even went through imposter syndrome. Thanks to WIX and my consistent desire to bring value to businesses, I became a partner who always says "YES." It started with small projects for my friends, which later turned into projects for their friends, and so on. Little did I know that this path would soon snowball into international projects with big names. From there, I built a team of talented people with the same passion. Our goal was to help clients shape their business ideas with outstanding visuals.

I recently had a client on the phone crying tears of joy. She couldn't believe how "I read her mind" and turned her thoughts and ideas into the business concept she had envisioned. I cried as well! With tears came smiles, and we ended up laughing towards the end. That experience taught me that my job went beyond creating sites. It showed me that it was also my job to develop genuine connections with my clients. I don't pretend to be someone else, and that's why they choose me.

I used to think how lucky I was to earn money doing what I love the most. I used to pack my achievements in a "luck" concept bag. At times I still do, but now more than ever, I take a step back, see what a vast journey it has been, and thank myself for all of the hard work I've put into my business! There will be doubts, ups and downs, sleepless nights, and hectic days, but it's all part of the road to success.

Throughout this experience, I've learned that our knowledge and skills are indeed critical, but it's our genuine desire to perform at our best that makes us shine. This feeling has always been vital in my heart, and my journey proves that. With that said, don't forget to thank yourself along the way, and don't be afraid to say "yes" to new opportunities.

To learn more about my career as a Wix designer, click play on the video below.

Olya Black

Founder and Creative Director

WIX PRO: Design and Web-Branding Studio

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