Four Tips to Keep in Mind When Discussing Website Revisions With Your Clients

Wix is a valuable platform that provides independent professionals with an excellent opportunity to develop their skills in web design, client management, and graphic design. It provides us with an exclusive opportunity to become successful freelancers in the world of web development. Working with Wix has been a life-changing experience. I've created many client sites, and although each experience has been different, there's one thing that never changes. What is it, you ask? In short, it's the client revision process.

Imagine yourself working nonstop for several days on a Wix project for a new client. You add the latest Wix features and updates, use your design skills to create a top-notch design, even ask your family and friends for their feedback. You know this project will unquestionably be on the first row of your Wix Marketplace profile, potentially bringing new clients and career opportunities. With much enthusiasm, you share the project with your client, and this is the feedback you receive:

"We like the font; however, we feel that the website's layout is too complicated for our business goals. Please add a bullet point here, and other sentences there, and send us three additional options for the "About Us" page. We want to see a mix of pink and green gradients and animations on the site."

Next thing you know, your head is spinning, you start laughing and screaming hysterically but know you need to finish this project.

When you're a beginner, it's easy to assume the design process is simple. You tend to believe that one good design will satisfy your client, but that is never the case. When I worked as an art director for an advertising agency, I learned that every project has a given timeframe. The time dedicated to the design process of a project is ⅓ of the total time needed to complete it. The remaining time is distributed on client communication, management, and modifications. This information was beneficial when I started my career as a freelance web designer and Wix Partner, as this is a career that requires patience.

Below are a few tips to keep in mind when working with client revisions.

1. Don't Take It Personal

It's easy to take things personally when receiving feedback. Still, taking a few minutes to walk away and breathe does help. You may want to reply to your client's request immediately, but I encourage you to refrain from doing this. Read the feedback carefully, take notes, and figure out how you're going to proceed. Review the contract you and your client agreed to as it's crucial to be fair with yourself and your clients.

2. Accept Revisions as Part of the Process

Keep in mind that revisions are part of the design and development process, so it's fair for clients to ask for changes. Always keep an open mind when receiving feedback and take it as an opportunity to learn more about your clients' needs. Active listening is a great skill that will benefit you in the long run and prepare you for the next project. Show your clients that you're investing in their happiness as well as their success.

3. Put Yourself in the Client's Shoes

Although professional, think of a client and designer relationship as a friendship that must be valued. As Wix Partners, we want to help our clients find business solutions to improve their online presence and visual language. That's why it's crucial to put yourself in their shoes and see their long term business goals through your eyes. Understand why specific revisions are being requested, ask questions, and get a strong understanding of their thought process. Remember, they chose you for a reason.

4. Provide a Specific Number of Revisions in Advance

In your contract, let the client know your quote includes a specific number of revisions, if any, at all. Usually, it depends on the amount of time and the given budget for the designated project. When I'm working with clients who have a small budget, I ask them to send me examples of work they like. Think of this as an assignment where clients gather information to help create the site of their dreams with fewer changes. It helps cut down the overall number of site revisions during the creative process.

The great thing about Wix, is that it's easy to use, so the revision process is not as complicated as adding/changing lines of code. You can walk your client through the modification process once you've completed their site, but let them know that you're not responsible for any changes made once you've fulfilled your contract. Additionally, inform your clients that any additional revisions they request once you've met the contract terms come with additional costs. Don't be afraid to charge them for the extra hours of work.

The revision process can become a never-ending story if you don't set guidelines. I recommend including two to three rounds of revisions in your contract to give clients peace of mind. Remember to ask questions in advance and learn about the client's preferences. In doing so, the initial concepts you share with your client will contribute to fewer modifications in the long run.

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