Online Events: How to Keep Your Community Engaged and..Healthy!

Change is everywhere - and now more than ever it's important to be flexible, especially when it comes to hosting community events.

While working from home may initially feel isolating, some Wix Partners that are hosting in-person community events around the world are facing this challenge while keeping their clients and audience safe.

If you need to keep organizing events to promote your work, product, service or business here are some tips for online events and how to keep your community engaged and of course..healthy!

Importance of organizing online events

  • First, it's free!

  • No displacements

  • No need for a venue or transportation - connect easily with others while practicing social distancing

  • Participants will feel comfortable and safe

  • More attendees - more people can join from other cities and/or countries

How to organize online events

  • Choose a date and an interesting topic for your audience

  • Prepare your presentation - be objective, constructive, use animations, images and gifs

  • Choose a platform to broadcast live, search for the best one for what you need. Consider the following options: create a live stream with Wix Video, use Facebook Live, Instagram TV or Periscope to broadcast your event on social media, transform your event into a webinar.

  • We use for all the round tables - and it's a web based video chat software. If you need remote video chat software for your clients and events, the team will gladly give you a video chat room for you. Stay tuned here.

  • Guest speaker - invite a leader or an expert in your community to participate with you

  • Ask a co-organizer to be an assistant

  • Let participants know that Q&A will be at the end

Promote your event online

  • Create a page on your Wix website

  • Use Wix events and add the video link.

  • Create successful email marketing and send it to your contact list and other partner communities

  • Promote on your social networks

  • Fill out the event form here and we will promote it on the community website.

Get into action

  • After the online event, thank the participants for their presence and share the presentation and recording by email marketing, the Wix Shoutout is great!

  • Write an article on your Wix blog telling how it went and get feedback

  • Schedule your next online event, keep your audience engaged!

Share with us your ideas and suggestions.

If you are already organizing online events, tell us how you are doing =) Our community wants to learn and share knowledge!

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