Partner Community | March 2020 Rewind

⚡What You Need to Know

  • The Wix Partners Community is creating a series of webinars and interactive online discussions around topics that businesses need to know to be successful online. Interested in hosting a webinar? Apply here.

  • The Wix Arena was renamed and is now the Wix Marketplace

  • Academy X: take Editor X to the next level with lessons from the team - keep an eye out for new lessons

  • New! We host community happy hours centered around a topic each week. This Friday’s topic is growing online leads - Sign up here!

  • Wix Events now supports online events

  • Need help with a project? Want to take on a few extra projects? Check out the Resources & Opportunities category in the Partner Forum.

✂️ The Supercut

BLOGS / By the community, for the community

Grab Bags

Rewatch a live community event

Get Technical: Community TechTalks and Academy X Updates


MORE / Participate and get involved


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