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That’s the button I clicked back in early 2016 to join the Wix Experts Facebook group. No bells, whistles, or bursts of confetti accompanied my click, but if I had known then what I know now, there should have been some sort of celebration!

Each pivotal moment in life tends to keep a low profile until we look back much later and see it in all its glory - as the genesis of a series of life-altering events. If not for that humble click, my own story would have unfolded much differently.

Wix Experts is now Wix Partners and continues to grow and change, yet the supportive, professional spirit of the group remains the same. Behind the scenes, pivotal moments continue to occur, resulting in life-altering partnerships and friendships.

First up, Ruthann Bowen shares the story of how Wix Partners played a pivotal role in her high-end design agency, EastCamp Creative.

When did you join the Wix Partners group?

I joined in 2016/2017, I believe. Brett was just starting the Facebook Group.

Tell us about your pivotal moment!

Derrick Spearman (Derrick Scott in the group) and I first met as moderators of the Wix Partners Facebook Group, and later met in person in Miami at WixCon 2018. My first impression of Derrick was what an incredibly talented designer he is. His website designs are modern, clean, and sophisticated - just the style I like! In one particular conversation, he mentioned to me how he would like to design all day. As much as I enjoy design, I don't want to do it all day long. I have a PR/Marketing background so I like to be out there selling things. We formed EastCamp Creative by combining our strengths: his in design, mine in marketing/sales/PR.

Were you surprised about anything when you met Derrick for the first time?

No, meeting Derrick in person solidified what I already knew about him. He's a trustworthy, honest person who has the same ideas and vision about a design business that I do. That is the key when forming a partnership. Make sure it's someone you trust who has the same vision for your business.

How has your working relationship/partnership grown or changed?

We've been working at EastCamp Creative for a year now. In this past year, our appreciation for what the other does has grown. Design isn't easy and finding clients isn't easy, so we understand the amount of time and energy necessary to make this agency work.

Do you have any other little trivial tidbits or funny stories about your partnership that you think the community would be interested in?

Sometimes when I ask Derrick what he thinks we should price a job he'll give me a number. Then I double it.

What advice would you give someone new to our Wix group if they're interested in forming partnerships with other Wix Partners?

First, get to know the person. Make sure your personalities get along and connect with someone you respect and appreciate. Talk about what you want out of that partnership and understand what each other's responsibilities will be. Figure out what each of your strengths is and build upon those.

Next up is Michael Strauch, who will tell us about how he formed a partnership with two Wix Partners across the pond.

When did you join the Wix Partners group?

I joined the group in 2015 or 2016.

Tell us about your pivotal moment.

When I arrived at the first-ever WixCon 2018 in Miami, I saw 3 people around my age in a group and introduced myself. Jordan Worthington introduced himself and his colleague, Mark Preston. We quickly discovered we were all passionate about the same idea and decided to partner up to make it happen. We spent the rest of WixCon working our tails off to get the ball rolling.

Tell us about the first time you worked together.

After WixCon, Jordan & Mark headed back to Manchester, England to secure investment for our idea. I was on vacation with my family when I got a call from Jordan saying that the investor wanted to fly me to England! I finished my vacation and flew straight to Manchester!

Do you have any funny stories about your partnership that you think the community would be interested in?

For starters, the jet-lag hit me really bad! Jordan picked me up from the airport to take me to the office to do a presentation but not much presenting happened. No matter how much coffee I drank, Jordan had to keep stopping the meeting to wake me up. A now legendary 4 AM run to McDonald's for nuggets fueled an all-nighter and kept us awake and working until morning. There is a first and a last time for everything, and when I tried black pudding for breakfast, I just happened to have both of mine in one sitting.

What advice would you give someone new to our Wix group if they're interested in forming partnerships with other Wix Partners?

If you are new to the Wix Partners group or have not yet partnered with someone in the group, I would urge you to give it a shot! We are a community of like-minded people with similar objectives. I know partnerships can get confusing or messy, but if you find the right partners like I did, your partnership will blossom into much, much more like mine did - a true friendship!

Finally, I’ll share about a few partnerships and friendships I’ve been fortunate to form as a result of the Wix Partners Group.

As a former teacher myself, I was drawn to another former teacher in the group, Marianne Borozny, and asked her to join the design team at my company, Ink & Key, which was less than a year old at the time. It was a joy to have Marianne on board for a couple of years as a regular designer for Ink & Key. Clients loved her designs and her special brand of TLC. It was beyond amazing to finally get to meet her in person at WixCon NOLA 2019!

In early 2017, Cristian Rolland hired me to help him write content for SeeDesine, his company website. I quickly realized I loved his style and approached him about designing sites for some of my clients. He agreed, and a partnership was born. I rely on Cristian for so much now, and can’t imagine where Ink & Key would be today without him. He's a brilliant businessman and his respectful interactions with our clients and heart to serve them well align perfectly with my values. He's fast, dependable, his designs are creative and clean, and our clients are never disappointed. I hope to meet Cristian in person someday!

Within the past year, Sakis Spahos has also joined the team at Ink & Key as my main developer. He and I often meet with clients via video call and Sakis never ceases to amaze me with his ability to grasp exactly what a client needs and provide efficient solutions on the spot. I’m super excited that I get to meet him in person this year at WixCon Miami!

Ruthann Bowen introduced me to her dear friend Ana Gascon Ivey and she joined my team for a short time to do some writing for Ink & Key clients. We quickly became friends, I got to meet her and room with her (and share my travel snacks with her!) at WixCon NOLA 2019, and now Ana, Ruthann, and I are in the process of writing a book together for female entrepreneurs!

Finally, I met Olivier Galy, the creator of the Web-Stat analytics app, at WixCon NOLA in 2019. Fun fact: To the best of Olivier’s knowledge, Web-Stat was the first web analytics company in the world. He built Web-Stat while Google was still an idea in a dorm room! Olivier was gracious enough to allow Web-Stat to serve as a guinea pig so I could prepare the materials I needed for my July 2019 StoryBrand Guide training. His creative ideas about personifying a website to make analytics easy to understand eventually became Ink & Key’s first-ever custom-designed explainer video. You can see the video and meet Wesley the Website for yourself right here in the Wix App Market!

Tag someone you credit with a pivotal moment in your life!

More amazing partnership stories from others are still rolling in, so stay tuned for Pivotal Wix Partner Moments Part Deux!

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