Proudly Made With Wix: My Approach to Client Consultations

Not long now till WIX celebrates its 15th birthday! As the number of users grows past 180 million, it’s worth mentioning that its company shares have almost tripled in price in the past year. Surprisingly, even after considering these facts, some web designers steer away from Wix as they don't believe it's a platform for professional developers. My name is Olya Black, I've been designing with Wix for eight years, and I'm here to tell you that Wix is a tool for professional developers.

When I found out about WIX and its features, it was love at first sight. I quickly understood that this would be a long term commitment, and for that reason, I named my company WIX PRO. It was one of the best decisions I've made.

Thanks to my company's name, I'm regularly found by business owners and individuals who are on the same page as me. They know about Wix and have chosen the platform consciously. Whether it's by recommendation or research they've done, they're fully aware of the perks of building a website with Wix. Additionally, many of these companies are quite big internationally. Though I've never had to explain to my clients why Wix is the platform for them, I want to help those designers who are new to Wix and help them become more comfortable and confident in the platform.

Several questions and critical factors may come to a client's mind when looking to have a website created for their business. It's crucial for us as designers to know what a client might be thinking and be prepared to respond. Below I've listed a few things all business owners may bring up during a consultation and how you can approach it with Wix in mind.

1. Timeframes.

How long will it take to create a website? In other words, how fast you can launch their project online so they can start earning money. Nowadays, time is of the essence. Typically, when working with a team of marketing managers, clients can spend several months creating that perfect website. Why? Because the project will need to go through different people who focus on various aspects of a site such as coding, analytics, etc. Someone who has the same idea will get the website done in a month and will start earning them money straight away. If a potential client wants to have a successful business, but with less downtime, Wix is the platform to use!

2. Website Updates and Maintenance.

"How easy is it to manage and maintain the site?"

A question all clients ask! Needless to explain that websites are live elements that always need changes and updates. In most cases, clients have to ask their web developers to apply site changes, which can take days and cost additional money! Although some clients prefer this, some may want to make these changes themselves.

With Wix, clients can easily edit, add, and delete information on their site. They don't require help from a programmer every time their website requires changes or modifications! Most of our clients ask us to transfer their website from another website builder for that exact reason. They can't edit it themselves! It makes Wix an investment for your business which will save you both money and time. Additionally, the back end infrastructure will be updated automatically, making their website management process hassle-free.

3. Online Business Management.

Wix has grown from a simple website builder to a powerful business management tool. It covers pretty much every aspect of online business management, both for website users and website owners. Inform your potential clients of all the tools Wix has to offer for their business. Highlight some of the platforms' top features such as the Wix app, which makes it easy to manage their business on the go.

4. Security.

All Wix sites have enabled HTTPS, which makes Wix fully loaded with security features. Additionally, Wix offers a free dedicated SSL certificate for every website built using its web builder. Find out more here.

5. 24/7 tech support.

Isn't it just beautiful knowing that you always have that person who will listen and walk you through the troubleshooting process? To me, it is priceless! With Wix, you have a customer care team who is there for you 24/7.

You would agree that after everything mentioned above, it's unusual that there are web designers that feel awkward, stating that they work with Wix. It surprises me that in 2020 Wix is considered by some as a platform for people who don't have funds for a "normal" website.

Let me show you some of the websites I've created for big companies. Yes, they wanted their website on Wix, as it's fast, effective, and convenient in both design process and maintenance.