Starting a Business at 16! My Journey as a High School Web Designer Using Wix.

Hi! I'm Jamie Cohen from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In summer 2019, I worked with the PEZ Candy Corporation Marketing Team to enhance their social media marketing strategy and create new products to appeal to a teenage audience. In March 2020, I redesigned my Wix website for my photography portfolio. These experiences made me realize my love for digital design and advertising. Wanting to start my journey early, I released a digital flyer for my new website design business. Although this may sound like a typical entrepreneurship story, there's one thing that sets me apart from other web designers: I am only in high school.

Road to Success

I've been using Wix since my freshman year of senior high. At school, the photography program uses Wix to create free virtual portfolios. Once quarantine started, I decided to redo my portfolio by experimenting with different designs, fonts, and colors. A lot of the redesign changes I made have become a portion of my website today. Since starting my business, I have created a Wix website curriculum for our schools' photography program. The program teaches students how to make their art portfolios while following specific guidelines and requirements.

I started my business in April of 2020, my junior year of high school. While immersed in online classes, I had more time to work on web designing, which soon became a business. I continued working over the summer, where I launched ten websites, two social media marketing campaigns, and two product photography sessions in three months. Since starting my business, I have completed 30 websites – with ten currently in the editing process – all without spending any money on advertising.

My Self-Taught Experience

Starting my business was difficult because I'm entirely self-taught. After hours of research on design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), I created a business plan highlighting long and short-term goals. The Wix blog, advice, and YouTube videos helped me learn these concepts quickly. I worked daily on my knowledge of design, marketing, and advertising to guarantee a fully-customized, detail-oriented website with an enhanced SEO.

After discussing a clients' dream website, my creativity and imagination flourish, driving the unique initial design to completion. I genuinely love building different websites for various companies and helping them reach their goals of expanding their respective businesses. Participating in weekly meetings and responding to constant emails/texts about website alterations consume time and energy; however, I enjoy the challenge. Website design taught me that every client requires a different strategy.

Achievements Along the Road

I have recently studied my website analytics, and I've reached almost 2,000 site visitors in recent months. Over half of my websites are ranked #1 on Google by searching the business name or owner. These SEO achievements are just some of the reasons why I am proud of the business I created.

Wix Partner Program & Marketplace

Through my entrepreneurship, I have furthered my efficiency in web design while developing balance and time-management skills. I joined the Wix Partner Program to learn from others, but I have enjoyed so much more from it. I have not only learned from other web designers but the Wix team as well. I am so excited to be working with my dedicated account manager to reach my full potential with Wix. The Partner Program gives me credibility and new ways to organize my leads and projects through Ascend. Wix allows me to let my ideas come to life, making each client fully satisfied with the final product. I love the creative freedom I have. By using Wix, I am proud of each individualized finished product.

I am happy to announce my acceptance to the Wix Marketplace. Presenting my creative process in the hope of new clients alongside thousands of incredible web designers is genuinely remarkable. I never thought my business would grow this much, and I'm excited for what's to come.

My Next Chapter

Next fall, I will be attending the University of Pittsburgh to study marketing. I will continue to grow my business by working with the Wix Partner Program and Wix Marketplace. My hopes for my future are to either start a marketing firm, work on the Wix marketing team, or open my own Wix website design agency.

Feel free to visit my website to learn more about my story and the services I provide.

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