The Personal Pitch Perfect Proposal: How to Win Your Leads Over in 250 Words

Hi, my name Steve Crayne, and I'm a 5-star customer rated Wix Agency Partner with a degree in Creative Writing. For the past two and a half years, I have honed the letter I send to Wix leads over 100 times, and I have over an 80% open rate and 70% click-through rate to my website from my initial response to leads. My goal is to share what I have learned to help your proposal letters generate more responses.

In case you did not notice, I just shared with you the first two key ingredients in writing a personal, pitch-perfect proposal. Missed it? Don't worry! I've listed them below alongside additional details.

1. Subject Line: you must customize every subject line when replying to a lead; otherwise, the client sees a bunch of emails with the same subject. An example may be, “Wix 5-Star Salon Websites by Steve Crayne.” In this example, I let them know that specialize in their business and share the quality of work they can expect from me.

2. Introduction Paragraph: this is the hook that gives the potential client a reason to keep reading. It should let them know why you are qualified and what sets you apart from the competition.

  1. Say it in 65 to 75 words.

Although the subject line and introductory paragraph play a vital role in your proposals success, the overall piece must continuously keep your reader interested. Below you'll find the breakdown of the pitch-perfect proposal to help you get started.

Paragraph Two (25 words or less): this is a one-sentence line where I urge all clients to read my reviews and provide a link. It exudes confidence to the client and gives them a chance to click on your website.

Paragraph Three (65 to 75 words): in this paragraph, I mention a few details about my qualifications and what I will do to create an incredible website that tells their story and reflects their vision.

Paragraph Four (25 words or less): here is where I urge clients to view my portfolio. I quickly learned clients want to see my work by class of business, so I created separate pages on my website by category. This way, when I share a link to my portfolio, they only see sites relevant to their request.

Paragraph Five (35 words or less): in this section, I let them know that to prepare a custom-tailored proposal, I must speak to them to provide an in-depth analysis of the project. In the case of small task inquiries, I let them know my rates start at X dollars per hour. However, I still speak with them to clarify the requests at hand, and what else they may need as many of them can leave you with little to go.

Lastly, I let them know my business hours and the number where they can reach me. I close with a salutation such as:

I would love to work with on this project, Steve.

Never Best Regards! I include a custom email signature, and if you do not have one, it is an absolute must.

This process allows me to reply to a Wix lead in less than 3 minutes as I have all my subject lines and proposal letters in a Word doc which enables me to customize paragraph four to their business needs. Most importantly, it tells potential clients I genuinely care about helping them.

I hope this article not only provides some insights to you all but that it serves as a guide to writing your very own personal and professional pitch-perfect proposal.

Steven Crayne

Founder | Starting Gate Marketing


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