Why the Wix Mobile App is Essential for You & Your Clients

As Wix Partners, managing multiple Wix sites at once can be logistically challenging; especially when we’re on the go or focusing on several projects.

Which is why the Wix mobile app is such a game-changer when it comes to doing it all from your mobile device.

It’s an innovative way for both you and your clients to manage and grow any online presence and engage with people easily and conveniently from a phone or tablet.

Managing Multiple Sites

For those of you managing multiple sites at one time, the app is a total asset. You’ll have all your sites listed as ‘Mobile Places’ in your Home screen, where you can choose to show, hide or pin as many of them as you want at one time. (‘Mobile Places’ are Wix sites on the mobile app - just packaged differently.)

Can’t see all your sites? You can have up to 50 sites visible from ‘My Places’ on the app at one time. And you can select which sites you want to hide or show on the app from your Partners Dashboard.

Manage Everything from Your Mobile Dashboard

The app’s Mobile Dashboard lets you easily manage each site, business and community on the go. You’ve basically got all the essential tools you know and love from Wix desktop at your fingertips.

Each of your Dashboards is split into 2 different tabs - ‘Manage’ and ‘Overview’.

Overview includes customizable widgets like Analytics, Agenda, Store Orders and Contacts.

Under the Manage tab, you’ll find Wix apps like Stores, Bookings, Groups, Events and more. You’ll also have access to the business and marketing tools you need to manage your clients’ business, like Email Marketing, Coupons and Social Posts.

Meanwhile, ‘Quick Actions’ let you navigate the app and easily access all the apps you need in a tap.

What Does the App Offer Your Clients?

The goal of the app is twofold: to allow your clients to create, manage and build their business or community from their mobile. It also allows businesses and community owners to engage with their clients, customers and members in a meaningful way.

As more and more people grow tired of ambiguous social media privacy settings, the app is a breath of fresh air. It lets users own their content and activity, and control the look and feel of their mobile place.

For Partners, it’s also an easy and convenient way to help clients get used to managing and navigating their sites from mobile themselves.

With the app you can teach them to easily manage and navigate their sites from mobile themselves, so they can grow their business and engage with people independently.

Growing a Mobile Place

At the heart of the app is engagement; creating a community around your business or keeping community members engaged. Once you have a place on the app, you can start inviting people to join as members, either through social media, SMS or email. There’s also the option of inviting people via a unique invite code.

As soon as you have members on the app, you can start engaging with them. Anything from advertising a product, to sharing a blog post or a cool photo.

Once people join your place, they can easily interact with you, your business or community. The first thing they’ll see when they enter your place is your Member View - this is kind of like your homepage on the app. From here, they can easily explore what your place has to offer, book your services, buy a product, RSVP to an event and more.

Meet the Member View

You can customize the Member View to suit each site. The tabs at the top of the Member View are Wix apps which you can add and edit from your Dashboard.

For example, Bookings lets your clients easily book and pay for your services right from the app. Stores lets people browse and buy your products. Blog lets your readers read and interact with your posts on the go. Events lets people RSVP and buy tickets to your events and Forum and Groups allow people to start and join discussions from their phone. Plus, there are plenty more Wix apps to choose from.

And if a website already has these apps, they’ll appear in its mobile place automatically. Another huge benefit of the app is that it allows members to find each other and browse other member profiles, so they can easily communicate with each other as well as the owner.

You can customize these to suit your Member View and offer it as a complete ‘package’ for your clients.

You can also edit the names and order of your tabs through Customize Look. Plus, change your place name, color, theme, cover and logo.

Any changes you make in Customize Look won’t impact your Wix website. But any changes you make to a website that impacts the mobile place will sync to the app automatically.

One of the most useful features on the app is Announcements which lets you post in-app updates and send free push notifications right to people’s phones. Wix Chat is another great tool that lets you send instant messages to your visitors, clients and customers.

So How Do You Get Started?

The app is downloadable from Google Play and the App Store. Just sign in with your regular Wix credentials and you’ll be able to view all your sites in Home.

We’d love your feedback! Please let us know how we can improve the Wix app for you and your clients. Just write to us at oa-partners@wix.com.

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