Wix Community Events | March Update

In March, a lot of super cool events took place with interesting topics and led by outstanding partners. Grab a cup of coffee and read below! Just to clarify that before the isolation issue started, some in-person events took place and we even had the chance to participate in some =) Offline Events

In the United States, Ruthann Bowen, our Wix Partner in Pittsburgh, ran a lunch called Wix & Mix on how to “Advance Your Business Online”. The focus of her workshop was design trends for 2020. Eat, network and learn, great initiative! In Florida, Ilene Adams organized an event in the city of Jupiter for artist entrepreneurs about “The Art of Marketing Your Art”. She emphasized all the tools and resources that Wix has for the artist community. One valuable takeaway is how essential a professional gallery is for an artist.

In Rio de Janeiro, in collaboration with our local partner Felipe Lobo, we organized an event with Quora to talk about Marketing Community and promote useful apps like: social networks, Wix forum and Wix blog. The goal was to help business owners create their own online community. To learn more about the event, Felipe Lobo wrote a post in the Forum, you can read more about it here.

Online Events For several days, Victor Nataf, our Wix Partner in France organized online workshops on various topics such as Design, SEO, UX, Social Networks, etc. It was an excellent opportunity to learn directly from your home and safely!

In Latin America, directly from Ecuador, our partner Andres Perez organized a live stream on Facebook on how to boost your creativity and invited the Wix Head of Marketing in Spanish, Jose Ignacio. Jose shared some success stories of Wix users who have had excellent results in sales and services after creating an online presence with Wix in the current times of crisis.

In Buenos Aires, our Wix Partner Daniel Acosta who specializes in branding, gave an online workshop on differences between brand and identity. He then gave tips on how to develop a business brand, achieve customer loyalty and also have a positive financial impact on your brand value.

Social Events In France, in a city called Lyon, there was a workshop for entrepreneurial refugees led by our Wix team in France: Stan Azou and Denis, our local Wix Partner. They led workshops on how to create a website with Wix, talked about SEO, the importance of a presence online, and using resources such as email marketing and social networks. This event happened thanks to the opportunity provided by Faire, a local organization. The event was attended by refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Venezuela. Do you want to participate in our community online events? See all events here. If you are a Wix Partner and want to organize an online event fill out the application here. Stay safe and healthy!

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