Wix Multilingual: Product Overview, Latest Updates, and Future Releases

We know how much you love Product updates, so today we bring you an article covering both current and upcoming releases for our multilingual app.

Wix Multilingual app is a tool that lets you add multiple languages on your Wix website. Having multiple languages not only attracts a bigger market to your business, it also helps you reach audiences that span far beyond your city, state, or country.

Currently, Wix Multilingual supports over 100 languages.

Current Features

All in One Language Design

What does this mean? It means we keep the same layout for all languages!

In other words, when you move an element or component on one page, the changes are applied to all other pages where a language is being used.

Additionally, you do not need to create separate sites or purchase multiple domains. That’s right! You manage one site, on one domain.

Customize SEO Settings

Customize the individual SEO settings for each language.


Mobile Compliance

Easily apply your translations and site design to your mobile devices.

Translate Over the Editor

Localize site media and change the images, background, video and overall content for each language.

Note: When making changes, you’ll be alerted that the edits being made will affect all layouts.

Supported Products

Currently, Wix Multilingual can be used with the following products:

  • Wix Stores

  • Wix Events

  • Pro Gallery

  • Chat

  • Payment Methods

Below is a quick view of our translation management system.

Latest Releases


We’ve replaced query params and now support subdomains for individual languages.

Google Translate

Google translate can now be used per component giving you the ability to expedite translations in specific fields within the editor and the translation management system as seen below.

Mobile View

Once a highly requested feature, you can now customize the language menu on mobile.

Auto Redirect

You can now redirect site visitors to your translated site pages based on their browser’s language settings.

Coming Soon

Currently pending development.

Supported Products

  • Wix Blog

  • Members Area

  • Wix Bookings

  • Wix Restaurants

Website Translation

The ability to fully translate your website with the click of a button.


What happens if the translated content is larger than the design of the main language?

  • Although 2 layouts are currently not supported, you can still manually adjust the font size in the translated page.

Will you support a multilingual store with Corvid?

  • Yes, it's pending development.

Will languages RTL and LTR languages be supported? For example, English to Hebrew?

  • This is another feature that’s pending development, however, we do offer recommended settings for specific elements here.

By Steven D.

Community Manager, Wix Partner Community

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