Wix Partner news: December edition

The final month of 2020 has arrived (sigh of relief) and with it, we’re looking back at all of the successes November brought to the Wix Partners. From roundtables and debates to product betas and reviews, last month was a busy one.

November video refreshers

We started the month off with a November Partner Program kickoff, the perfect introduction to the Program. We also created a list of action items you can use to ensure you’re getting all of the benefits you deserve. See It in Action

We also held a Roles & Permissions roundtable that explored how your client can now add their credit card and authorize you to make Wix account purchases on their behalf. Check out the full exploration of our 2 new roles: Domains and Billing Manager. Watch Video

Product spotlight - highlights & releases

Get excited because these updates will change the way you work.

First up, the CRM & Marketplace integration. We recently held a round table to cover this impressive new release, which will centralize all communication between you and your clients, as well as helping you better streamline your workflow.

Next on the list, the all-new Dashboard, which is gradually being rolled out. And last but not least, we’ve made some updates to the Blog. Now, you can get in-depth blog reports to find out how visitors are engaging with your clients’ blogs, and take control over how videos play in a blog feed.

But wait, there’s more: The new Domains and Billing Manager roles are available in your site dashboard. Want to know more? Here’s where to find the info.

What’s upcoming in the months ahead

Forward 2021 headed your way. Our large-scale workshop is set for January 2021 and will feature insights from Wix leaders including Wix CMO Omer Shai, Head of Wix eCommerce Marketing Liat Karpel-Gurwicz, and more. Stay tuned for updates.

Coming soon to your dashboards, Partners will be able to offer Editor X as part of their Wix Marketplace services. In just a few weeks, you’ll be matched with leads looking for responsive websites with advanced design features. Be sure to check your inbox for more info soon.

Partner Community in conversation

Our community always has something interesting to say and this month, Wix Multilingual and Page Presets were on your minds. Our first discussion circled around the technical aspects of multilingual sites and how different domain formats can impact SEO. Read More

We also discussed how to speed up projects with a new Page Preset Add Panel, which generates page layouts that are in line with the existing site theme. Check It Out

Words on Wix with Mark Preston

The word is out and this month, we followed Wix Partner Mark Preston to find out how he thinks Wix measures up. Which platform is best for your business? Mark explained his view in a live debate:

“Considering it was on the WP guys home turf and the attendees was full of WP users, the vote ended: WordPress - 54%; Wix - 46%. To me, 46% (considering the crowd) is a massive win! The best bit was when the WP expert publicly said… "I'm going to give Wix a try myself". I'm on a mission to change the outdated perception of Wix, one event at a time.”

Tools of the trade

Charles B Leslie told us about how he uses Workspace by Opera, a helpful browser that lets you:

“Set up a ‘Workspace’ for each project as needed. This really makes working on several projects very convenient, efficient, and organized. Also, it does not end up hogging more and more memory. So, awesome!”

Read More

That’s it for our December round up - have a happy and safe holiday season everyone. We can’t wait to share more news in the New Year.

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