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Community Guidelines

We are Wix Merchants and this is our community. We’re a group of driven, dynamic and supportive eCommerce professionals. This is an inspiring, safe space for all of us while we build our eCommerce businesses with Wix. Here’s everything you need to know.

Forum Rules & Etiquette


Have Fun

While we're here to grow professionally, we’re also here to discover and connect with an amazing community of merchants.


Be Respectful

We’re stronger with a diverse group of views and skillsets. We can all learn from a healthy disagreement, but we always keep it professional and kind.​


No Profanity or Age-Restricted Material

We want everyone to feel comfortable. Please keep your language and images G-rated.


No Sharing Sensitive Information

Respect the privacy of your clients and everyone in the group. You’re welcome to share your experiences with clients and customers, as long as you exclude names, any financial details and contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.).


No Solicitation

Anyone who solicits in the Wix eCommerce Insiders Forum will be subject to immediate removal. This is a platform to discuss sales, not a sales platform.


This Isn't Customer Support

Though this isn’t the place to request technical help, there are plenty of other outlets—please contact Wix Customer Care.

How You Can Contribute


  • Network with fellow Wix Merchants. Discuss your experiences and connect.

  • Share links to your online stores, relevant websites, interesting articles or inspiration.

  • Collaborate on new projects and upgrades. Share your work, get feedback and grow with the community.

  • @Mention other community members and moderators.


  • Don’t request email addresses, phone numbers, signups, Facebook Likes or Follows.

  • Don’t post jobs. This is a place to share ideas, not a job board.

  • Don’t @mention Wix employees. Moderators will tag members of the Wix team when relevant.

Changes in Policy

As new situations arise, we may find it necessary to alter or expand upon the policies stated here with little or no notification. Any such changes may be enforced in full against previously existing submissions or behavior.


When discussing Wix products, use hashtags within the post or discussion.​

Example: #WixStores #WixMarketplace #WixEditor #WixChat

When asking for a feature request, tag the product and then feature request.​

Example: #WixStores #FeatureRequest

Made some changes to your eCommerce site and want feedback? Tag it!​

Example: #Feedback

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